The Truth About US – Chapter 8

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Yuri’s POV

Taeyeon~ A darn hot item for women~

Like what the hell? She already got Tiffany. And now, JESSICA? THE GODDESS I LOVE?

I quickly stood up from my seat: “Yoongie, let’s talk later okay?” She didn’t speak. But I’m in such a hurry that’s why I don’t need to bother myself with her.

At last, after we ran from the cafeteria to the 2nd floor of the school building, I saw Taeyeon holding Jessica’s hand. I find it weird though cause Tiffany’s just beside ’em. Tiff looks like an idiot. Going with her ex and the current GF? Gahd, this is too frustrating.

“Ya, Taengoo! You’ve got a lot of girls there, eh?” Min Sunye shouted from across the corridor. I caught her collar.

 “Stop bothering and acting like you care, okay? Don’t let me ruin your beautiful set of front teeth.” I pushed her aside. There’s really something weird with these girls. I just can’t figure it out quickly. My twin looks awkward with Sica. I know Shorty like the palm of my hand.

 “Yuri-yah! Can I join you for lunch today?” Tiffany excitedly approached me. Now this is getting MORE INTERESTING.

Well, of course, I said yes. I can’t turn this SINGLE pretty angel down!

Tiffany’s POV

I sat down with Yuri’s friends for lunch today. Being with that food freak Sooyoung was very stressful! Everytime I took a bite at my sandwich, she looked at me with such awe and pity. Maybe she thinks that I don’t eat like her or perhaps she wants to eat my food. Hahaha!

 Yoona sat beside me gloomily. I wonder what happened. After some minutes of silence, she stood up and stared at Yuri.

“Yah, Kwon Yuri! Aren’t you really going to speak to me?” Yoona was teary-eyed.

 “What the hell, Yoona?!” Yuri was looking up at her. Yoona walked out the cafeteria. Yuri followed.

“What was that?” I asked Sooyoung who was still concentrating on Yuri’s food that she left a little while ago.

“Don’t mind them. They’re grown-ups now. Let them work their problems out alone.” Sooyoung said.

 “Should I follow them?”

 “Let them be.”

 I thought about Yoona and Yuri and compared them with us (Taeyeon and I). Yoona and Yuri are one of the most romantic couple in school. Many boys run after Yoona, but her love for Yuri is immeasurable and unlike any other. They were inseparable, not until Yul saw something going on between Leeteuk-oppa and Yoong.

 Taeyeon and I both love one another. We become sweet everytime we’re near each other and see to it that we’re happy everyday. Our attachment to each other has always been strong.

 I trust Taeyeon. And I hope after we surpass this obstacle we’re undergoing, we’ll become stronger than before.

 I quickly snapped out of my daydream upon realizing that my new lunchmate, Sooyoung, already finished my meal. Ahhhh. Jinjja!


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Roxie Almeida, happy birthday!

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Unnie~! HBD to you! Here’s the GIF. I’m still starting to get the hook of Photoshop’s animations. Hope this’ll make ya happy! 😀 Continue eyesmiling, unnie! Hope to see you soon, saranghae!!! ^^

August 1, 2011~


Happy happy birthday! ;;)

Another year has been added to your age. And still, we, the SONES, especially the Fanytastics, continue loving everything about you.

I hope you’ll continue inspiring others just like how you inspired me.

Together with your SNSD sisters, I know you will always stay strong and outshine even the brightest gems (or shall I say, MUSHROOMS? ^^) in the Earth.

Unni, I hope this year would be memorable for you, and I hope we can make it special for you.

I love you, Tiffany Hwang! ^^ 생일 축하 합니다! 많이 사랑해! ^^


I made this poem for you as a birthday gift, Tiffany-unni!


For the past 4 years in my life as a SONE,

You girls never left us alone.

Tiffany-unni! You’ve been the best mushroom ever!

And my love for you will go on forever


You may commit a lot of dance mistake

But for me, you’ll still be the best person you’ll always make

God will always be there for you

Just as we, Fanytastics have always been with you!


As we celebrate your most FANYtastic day,

We want to thank you for making us extra special, and for making us GAY!

From the bottom of our hearts, we love you!

And hope you’d be able to read this, too!

 — Much love, Heeyoung-ssi ❤

Jessica’s POV

Fany and I got home and we could see Mrs. Hwang already at the doorway.

“Stephanie! Get inside, quickly! You’re really getting on my nerves, young lady!”

This is my first time that I heard Mrs. Hwang shouting at Tiff like that.

“Sooman called me, and told me you’re having a relationship with a girl. Tell me, who is it?” Mrs. Hwang’s hands were on both her waists and I can sense anger on her eyes.

“Mom, that was…” tears start to well up Tiffany’s eyes.

“TRUE? Sooman already told me, you’ve got no reason to lie!”

“Yes mom, it is true.”

“You better stop what you’re doing. You’re messing up your life. Why? Do you love that girl? Jessica, do you know what’s going on?” Mrs. Hwang was looking at me, like a thief has just came to the house. Tiffany signalled me not to tell her mom.

“No, Mrs. Hwang. I dunno this.” I could see Tiffy’s timid smile at me.

“Now tell me Tiffany, do you love that girl? What’s her name again?”

“Mom, her name’s Taeyeon, and I love her.”

“What? That little Taeyeon? This is to much. You better break up with her.”

“If that’s what you say, then I must do it.” Tiffany began to look at her mom sharply.

We went upstairs and changed our clothes. I talked to Tiffany.

“Are you sure about what you’re doing?”

“About what, Jessi? Breaking up with Taeyeon? Hell, no! I promised we’ll won’t leave each other behind.”

“Hope you guys would stay strong.” I said, though I’m getting my heart broken by what she just said. I’ll never get a chance to Tae’s heart. Actually, Taeyeon and I don’t have a chance to talk to each other. Tiffy’s clingy to Taebear.

After several minutes, Tiffany broke the silence we’re having inside the room.

“Well, Jessi, I thought of something that would, err, cover us. And I need you for me to fulfill this very exclusive err.. hmm shall I say ‘DUTY?'” she was grinning at me. Oh she better zap it up. I know what she’s thinking.

“So what’s your, err… ‘PLAN’?”

“I’ll talk to Taengoo about this, but I think you can help me by pretending to be Taeyeon’s girlfriend.”

This girl! She must have some few screws loose! But her so-called plan is… BRILLIANT!

Yuri’s POV

I heard it all. My twin? Keeping a secret from me? And it’s Tiffany she loved. This is too unbelievable!

HOWEVER, I find it cool for her. She revealed her love for Tiffany in front of the whole 2nd floor students. Quite great.. and.. yeah.. strong!

Yoona sat beside at me at the cafeteria.

“Yuri, there’s something you must know.” Yoona was looking pale this time.

“Ya, don’t break my happy mood today. You know, I admire Taeyeon’s courage yesterday. That was awesome!”

“But Yuri this is important.”

I turned to her and asked her: “So my dear Yoona, what’s that important thing you’ll say?”

“I’m going to get–”

“YURI-YAH!” Sooyoung shouted from across the cafeteria.

“What’s your problem, Sooyoungie?”

“Jessica, she’s Taeyeon’s new girl.” Soo whispered.