The Truth About US – Chapter 5

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yoona’s POV

I saw Yuri inside Sooyoung’s bedroom. I don’t know if what I did was okay. I really love her, and I don’t want us to end up like this.

Actually, I’m not really serious about Leeteuk-oppa. We were just testing Yuri’s love for me. Leeteuk is my brother. BIOLOGICALLY. Yul doesn’t know it, and if I say it to her, maybe she’ll be super pissed off to me. In time, I want her to know what was really going on

My dad already arranged a marriage for me and a certain man named Lee Jinki. Dad tells me I should call that Lee Jinki as Onew. I heard he’s very popular in Japan and he’s going home after 3 months or so. By that time, we would’ve been married to each other, thereby, leaving Yuri alone. I know I’ll hurt her, but I just wanted to spend the latter months showing my love to her, for I know that we can’t be.

It was late for me to realize that Sooyoung was already calling my name.

“Ya, Yoongie, what’s with you lately? Can you hand me over three bowls of Kimchi Rice please?”

Sooyoung’s longing for food got me back to my senses. It makes me happy when I see someone enjoying the meal I’ve prepared.

“Oh nothing, Soo, it’s just that–”

“Still bothered about that Onew guy?”

“Well, I’ve always been by bothered by the thought of marrying someone I don’t even know.”

“If he’s handsome, then don’t let him go.”

“But how about…?”


“How about what, Yoong?”

“Yuri, it’s just that…”

“Still love her, aye? Then fight for it!”

“It may be easy for you to say, but you know, things are getting more complicated.”

“Don’t let anyone get in the way with your love for her. Remember that.”

“Yeah, I know that.” I smiled at her and hugged her.

Just as I was finished washing the dishes, Sooyoung went in the kitchen.

“Yoong, got some apples there?”

“Late at night? Hey, not only your stomach’s filled with food, your mind, too.” I pointed to her head.

“Look, if you give me some apples, I’ll tell you something about Yuri. TOP SECRET.” She was looking at me with convincing eyes. I got curious with that “SECRET” she’s gonna spill anytime. And so, I gave her the apples she insisted on begging.

“So what’s the secret now?”

“Yul’s attracted to this girl named Jessica something? Yeah, I remember Jessica’s her name. She told me the girl was a goddess.”


“So that’s the secret? How lousy. Everyone’s attracted to anyone, get it? I’ll take the apples back!” I told her, smiling. But deep inside, I felt my insides torn apart.

“No, YOONG! Don’t! I’m dying of starvation!”


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