Happy Birthday, Brighter than Gems TIFFANY HWANG!

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

August 1, 2011~


Happy happy birthday! ;;)

Another year has been added to your age. And still, we, the SONES, especially the Fanytastics, continue loving everything about you.

I hope you’ll continue inspiring others just like how you inspired me.

Together with your SNSD sisters, I know you will always stay strong and outshine even the brightest gems (or shall I say, MUSHROOMS? ^^) in the Earth.

Unni, I hope this year would be memorable for you, and I hope we can make it special for you.

I love you, Tiffany Hwang! ^^ 생일 축하 합니다! 많이 사랑해! ^^


I made this poem for you as a birthday gift, Tiffany-unni!


For the past 4 years in my life as a SONE,

You girls never left us alone.

Tiffany-unni! You’ve been the best mushroom ever!

And my love for you will go on forever


You may commit a lot of dance mistake

But for me, you’ll still be the best person you’ll always make

God will always be there for you

Just as we, Fanytastics have always been with you!


As we celebrate your most FANYtastic day,

We want to thank you for making us extra special, and for making us GAY!

From the bottom of our hearts, we love you!

And hope you’d be able to read this, too!

 — Much love, Heeyoung-ssi ❤


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