Tiffany’s POV

Another school day. I’m very much stressed with workload! Argh! What am I gonna do?! Perhaps, seeing TaeTae would make me feel better.

Jessica’s almost finished tidying up. I had a hard time waking this girl up! Maybe, even if the world would come at its end, Jessi won’t wake up!

It’s my first time to be late. But everything’s okay since our PE teacher, Ms. Kim Hyoyeon, isn’t that strict at all.

“Okay class, let’s welcome our new student, Jessica Jung. She’s a transferree from Korea Kent Foreign School. Why don’t you introduce yourself to your new classmates?”

“Annyeong~ I’m Jessica Jung. Nice to meet all of you and I’m looking forward to be friends with all of you!”

“She looks so cold~ I don’t wanna be friends with her. I hate her.” whispered Sunny, who was at my back, scribbling some notes on her paper.

“Ya, Lee Sunkyu, watch what you’re saying. I’ll pull your tongue out and cut it off, so better shut up okay?” I defended Jessi, since she was new and didn’t know what was being said about her.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!” I heard someone screaming outside our room.


Min Sunye…. This girl’s a mess…. She was Taeyeon’s ex-girlfriend and now she’s pushing her out of one of the windows.

“Is that true? After 1 year, I thought we could get back together?!” Sunye screamed to her as she caught Taeyeon’s collar. All the students inside their classrooms went out to see what the commmotion was all about.

Our principal, Mr. Lee Sooman, went towards Taeyeon and Sunye and told that friggin’ Min to back off my Taeyeon. Mr. Lee asked them what was going on. Then, I never even expected what Sunye shouted: “That’s because Taeyeon already has a new girlfriend.” then she stared at me: “and that Tiffany Hwang is her new girlfriend!”

“Well, Sir, actually that’s…” I was getting nervous about this thing. Old Sooman is mom’s friend and I’m afraid he’s really going to tell that to mom.

“Yes, Sir, that is true.” Taeyeon told Mr. Lee, while looking at me smiling.

Taeyeon’s POV

Lunch time. I’m with Tiffany and she isn’t speaking to me since what had happened between me and Sunye outside their classroom. I dunno. Is she angry?

“My mushroom, why are you so silent now?”

“Nothing, just….”

“Are you angry at me?”

She looked at me: “Why the hell did you do that?”

“What?” I dunno what she’s saying

“Why the hell did you shout that we are?”

“We are? A couple? Aren’t you proud? I don’t find any reason to keep it as a secret.”

“But you know, mom and Sooman are great friends. You don’t know what would happen if that principal’s big mouth tells mom the truth about US.”

“Look, Tiffy, I love you, and if I don’t tell that Sunye that I’m already taken by you, she’ll go after me and would probably kill me.”

Tiffany’s crying. Oh no, what am I gonna do?

“What are we going to do now?” Tiffy’s words broke my heart. I feel sorry about what I did.

“Remember what I told you? I’ll never leave you.”

“I love you, Taeyeon.”


Yoona’s POV

I saw Yuri inside Sooyoung’s bedroom. I don’t know if what I did was okay. I really love her, and I don’t want us to end up like this.

Actually, I’m not really serious about Leeteuk-oppa. We were just testing Yuri’s love for me. Leeteuk is my brother. BIOLOGICALLY. Yul doesn’t know it, and if I say it to her, maybe she’ll be super pissed off to me. In time, I want her to know what was really going on

My dad already arranged a marriage for me and a certain man named Lee Jinki. Dad tells me I should call that Lee Jinki as Onew. I heard he’s very popular in Japan and he’s going home after 3 months or so. By that time, we would’ve been married to each other, thereby, leaving Yuri alone. I know I’ll hurt her, but I just wanted to spend the latter months showing my love to her, for I know that we can’t be.

It was late for me to realize that Sooyoung was already calling my name.

“Ya, Yoongie, what’s with you lately? Can you hand me over three bowls of Kimchi Rice please?”

Sooyoung’s longing for food got me back to my senses. It makes me happy when I see someone enjoying the meal I’ve prepared.

“Oh nothing, Soo, it’s just that–”

“Still bothered about that Onew guy?”

“Well, I’ve always been by bothered by the thought of marrying someone I don’t even know.”

“If he’s handsome, then don’t let him go.”

“But how about…?”


“How about what, Yoong?”

“Yuri, it’s just that…”

“Still love her, aye? Then fight for it!”

“It may be easy for you to say, but you know, things are getting more complicated.”

“Don’t let anyone get in the way with your love for her. Remember that.”

“Yeah, I know that.” I smiled at her and hugged her.

Just as I was finished washing the dishes, Sooyoung went in the kitchen.

“Yoong, got some apples there?”

“Late at night? Hey, not only your stomach’s filled with food, your mind, too.” I pointed to her head.

“Look, if you give me some apples, I’ll tell you something about Yuri. TOP SECRET.” She was looking at me with convincing eyes. I got curious with that “SECRET” she’s gonna spill anytime. And so, I gave her the apples she insisted on begging.

“So what’s the secret now?”

“Yul’s attracted to this girl named Jessica something? Yeah, I remember Jessica’s her name. She told me the girl was a goddess.”


“So that’s the secret? How lousy. Everyone’s attracted to anyone, get it? I’ll take the apples back!” I told her, smiling. But deep inside, I felt my insides torn apart.

“No, YOONG! Don’t! I’m dying of starvation!”


Taeyeon’s POV

I felt quite relieved when I gave Tiffany the ring. At least I made her happy, but still I know that we can’t be. I know our parents would disapprove.

Suddenly, someone was shouting my name.

“Taeyeon-ah! Taeyeon-ah!”

It was easy for me to distinguish that it was my Tiffany who was hollering my name. I went out and opened the gate.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her.

“My Taeyeon, here’s your patbingsoo.” She quickly held onto me and kissed my cheeks.

“Hey, isn’t it this should be kept as a secret.” I whispered to her.

“Don’t worry, Jessica already knows. Right, Jessi?”

“Yeah.” Jessica smiled timidly. She seems to be as cold as my patbingsoo.

“Really? Oh please Jessica, don’t tell Mrs. Hwang about this.” I told her

“Yes, of course, she told me this is top secret.”

I hugged my Tiffany and kissed her back. She left immediately because she told me Mrs. Hwang might be wondering where they may be.

Just as Tiffany left, 5 minutes later, Yuri arrived at the house. She seemed to be happy that time. I wonder what made her look so excited and giggly.

“Ya! Yuri-ya, what’s into you? Another girl, perhaps.”

“Nah, the same girl who took my heart 4 months ago.”

“Yoona?!” Don’t tell me you guys got back together?”

“I’m afraid, YES.”

Chapter 3

Yuri’s POV

“Choi Sooyoung! What the?!” I slapped her butt.

“Hey, that was unintentional! I’m sorry!” Sooyoung was grabbing her 6th burger, or 7th, I think.


Someone’s knocking at Soo’s bedroom. “Ya! I won’t ever forget this one, Shikshin!” I shouted to her as she quickly ran towards the door.

“Sooyoung, dinner’s almost–” Yoona, Sooyoung’s stepsister, was stunned with my presence at Soo’s bedroom

“Ready?” Sooyoung asked excitedly.

“Yeah.” Yoona was still staring at me. And can’t help but be… irritated.

Sooyoung hurriedly ran down their stairs. Maybe, due to the humiliation she had to me, and maybe because she wants more food.

Yoona went inside, sat beside me, and said: “So, are we going to work this out or what?”

“You know I still love you, but you pushed me away. You know that.”

“I already told you I’m not serious with Leeteuk-oppa. He just asked for my help to get rid of his ex-girlfriend.”

“But I know you like him. You can’t deny that.” I got kinda… annoyed with how she… denies everything I saw with my own eyes.

“So you’re telling me we can’t work this out?”

“Look, Yoona, I’m trying to move on. If you keep on insisting, it might be quite hard for me to get over you.”

“Cause I love you, Yuri. I always do. TRUST ME.”

I still love Yoona. But the fact that she’s  popular and the most beautiful girl in our campus… Every boy runs after her. And I feel so… left out. And I also found a new love interest: JESSICA JUNG!

“You see, Yoona, I–”

Before I could tell her anything more, she kissed me and I was like… WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE DOING?! However, I missed her lips. *evil grin*

“Love you.” I continued, delighted with her kiss.

Taeyeon’s POV

I saw Tiffany again. Well, actually, both of us are overjoyed seeing each other, since our 6th month as a couple is nearing and we’d like to celebrate it TOGETHER. We try not to make it obvious, because our parents would most likely be against it. And I know Yuri would be angry at me because she loves (or shall I say, IS INFATUATED WITH) Tiffany so much.

“Hey guys, I better get going. I have an appointment with my photographer today. Fany, maybe I’ll come home at around 6pm. Don’t worry, dinner’s on me. Tell Mrs. Hwang not to stress herself with the dinner okay? I owe her one.” Jessica stood up and bid us goodbye.

“Oh sure thing, Jessi, I’ll tell mom that.” my Tiffany’s grown prettier after she’s been away for 2 months.

The atmosphere got lighter when her friend left. Fany was looking at me with delight and moved over to Yuri’s seat. Slowly, she was starting to touch my hair, down to my cheeks and she began to pinch them.

“Oh my Taengoo! Honey, I missed you!”

I kissed her cheeks. “I missed you too, my dearest Mushroom! I’ve always wanted to see you while you were away. So, did you enjoy your California vacation?”

“Yeah, I got to see my childhood friends and also saw our new house there.”

“Really? How does your new house look like?”

“It looks like our dream place, where we can live together.”

“Oh, my Mushroom must’ve missed me a lot. C’mon, I’ve got a small surprise for you.”

I got my bag and took out my present for her.

“Honey, this is…” Tears began flowing out of Fany’s eyes.

“Yes, a ring. I know this is a bit.. uhm.. cheap.. but I’ll give this to you to prove that..”

“I love you TAEYEON!” She hugged me and I wiped her tears. I got her hand and put the ring on her finger.

“Happy 6th monthsary, Tiffany. I’ll never leave you, I promise.”

Tiffany’s POV

My Taengoo gave me a ring. I thought this was too much, but after she placed the ring in my finger, I felt.. better than before. It made me care less about other people that moment, that I was the most special and happiest girl at that time.

I came home early, since Taeyeon said she’s going to feed her dog. I find it quite cool for her, cause she doesn’t complain about being the most responsible in their family. Sometimes, I wanna talk to Yul about that. I don’t want my Honey to be stressed everytime.

Mom was cross-stitching, she’s into it, and I guess she won’t notice me coming. Luckily, I sneaked into the kitchen and got some nachos. Mom heard the kitchen door slamming and suddenly…

“Hey, Young Lady, mind greeting your mom a good afternoon?” Mom was full of sarcasm.

“Oh, yeah.. mom, hello there, and GOOD AFTERNOON.” I felt like I was a nursery kid being taught the how to greet an elderly.

“How’s your day?” Mom told me to sit down beside her. Maybe she wants to chat with me for awhile.

“Oh, better than the usual. I toured Jessi around. She’s quite adjusting to the new place she’s in.” I tucked my hair in my ear.

“And what’s that ring you have there?” Mom was… OMG! She saw my ring!

“Oh.. err.. uhm.. yeah! This ring was so beautiful that I bought it from my friend’s friend’s uhm.. mother’s store.” I’m quivering.

“This is very brilliant! Can you give this to me?”

“Oh mom, NO!”

“And why? Don’t be too selfish, huh. Remember, I’m your mother who carried you for…”

“Mom, do we always have to bring that up?” I cut her out, she’s too annoying.

“Hey Stephanie, you…”

“Mom, I was going to buy you one. Now you pushed me to tell you my surprise.” my mind quickly thought of a solution of how to end this nonsense.

“Oh this kid, you should’ve told me earlier.”


Jessi’s here! Saved by the bell!

“Jessi! Great, you saved me.” I whispered through her ears.

“HUH?” Sica was looking at me like a stranger.

“Mom, Jessi told me she’ll take care of the dinner.”

“Yeah, maybe she doesn’t want my cucumbers. Sorry ’bout that.” Mom seemed to be happier than a while ago.

“So let’s go? Let’s buy some jjajjangmyeon at Mrs. Park’s grocery.” Sica asked me out.

“Yeah sure thing. Mom, can you spare me 100 won? I’ll buy patbingsoo!” This is for my Taeyeon!

“Aigoo, this kid!”

Jessica’s POV

Here we are at the grocery. I can’t get my mind off that girl they call “Shorty.” What’s her name again? Taeyeon? She’s so.. CUTE!

“Fany-ah, remember the girl that we met at the coffee shop?”

“Which one?”

“The one you call Shorty.”

“Oh, my Taeyeon.”

“Your Taeyeon?”

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend.”

“What?” I exclaimed so loudly that the shoppers were looking at me, like I was a weird organism.

“Yeah, that’s a secret. I told you because you’re my bestfriend and I trust you. Don’t you dare tell mom about that, okay?”

I was dumbfound, knowing that Taeyeon’s girlfriend is Tiffany. I became gloomy because I can’t love Taeyeon. And neither I don’t want to ruin their relationship.

“So this is, uhh, for real? You’re not joking, are you?”

“Hey, do I look like fooling around?” Tiffany was pouting and she stuck her hand out in front of me. “She gave me this ring a while ago.”

“WOW.” I smiled sheepishly, she seemed to be ecstatic over Taeyeon’s present to her. And I decided to throw away everything I feel about Taeyeon. ALMOST.

Yuri’s POV

Taeyeon and I decided to take a stroll downtown. I guess that shorty’s bored inside the house. Mom and Dad took a 1 month vacation to Santorini, and we’re left with Seohyun, our youngest. Seo’s into her piano recital for the past 2 weeks, that she barely spends time with us. I’ve got no other choice but to go with Taengoo. As we sauntered down the alley, we stopped by Yesung sunbae’s coffee shop, for we saw a familiar face, only to find out later on that it was Tiffany! My ex-crush. She never even knew I was infatuated with her before.

Shorty greeted her first. I hid behind Shorty in an almost-sitting position (You know, I can’t hide behind someone smaller than me!) and then exclaimed: “Annyeong KID MUSHROOM!” to her. Fany was doing her usual but one-of-a-kind eyesmile to me and I greeted her instantly: “Long time, no see, kiddo! How’s life goin’?” with a pinch on her cheeks. I missed doing that to her. She has been the AngelFany I used to adore. Not until I saw the goddess sitting on their table, carefully sipping her cup. My heart skipped a bit, and I can feel such intense love-rush on my veins. Why am I feeling this again?

I stared at her, starting from her golden tresses, to her almond-shaped eyes, to her sultry lips and to her smexy body. OMG! I feel like I could faint anytime!

Tiffany broke the sheer happiness I was having. I barely noticed I was drooling over this girl who I just met. After I got caught by my AngelFany, my face got reddish and I turned back to them.

“TaeTae, I’ll just go to Sooyoung’s crib. I’ll take care of myself.,” I said as I hurriedly ran out the coffee shop, and for them not to notice my blushing cheeks.

Sooyoung’s POV

Yay! Another round of burgers for me! It’s a good thing mom didn’t forget to call McDonald’s. The delivery boy was looking skeptically at me, like I was some kind of a monster.

“What are you looking at? Think I’m weird?” the delivery boy’s eyes were wide open and shook his head sideways. “Oh, here’s your tip. You must’ve had a hard time carrying those 10 big overload burgers I ordered.” the delivery boy smiled, and quickly left our front porch. Just as I was about to close the door, I saw Yul running towards me, frantically shouting: “YA! CHOI SOOYOUNG!” and was obviously completely exhausted.

“Oh, Yuri-ya, what a surprise!” I exclaimed as I took a big bite off the first burger.

“Soo, have you seen her?” it’s the nth time I’ve seen this girl drool like that.

“Another girl who stole KkabYul’s heart. Tell me, who is she?”

“Her name’s Jessica Jung. My AngelFany’s bestfriend. She’s a GODDESS! Picture that!”

Now I could see Yuri’s face was going as red as my tomato ketchup, that I’m now devouring, as I finish my 3rd burger.

“Oh, new kid on the block! Bwahaha! Uhm, Yuri, will hand over the tissue.”

She was staring at me intently, like I look like some sick bastard who hasn’t eaten for a year.

“OMG, Soo, you look…” Yuri was looking absurd

“What? Monstrous?”

“Nah, you look… FILTHY!” Yuri shouted the word ‘FILTHY’ with all her might, she was running all over the place, looking at me sarcastically.

“Hey KWON YURI! Come back here at this instant, or I’ll cut your throat out!” I was chasing her and she accidentally slipped the floor and fell down there. I slipped too, head first, and something happened.

I kissed her lips. ACCIDENTALLY.


“You’re here too? What a coincidence!” Tiffany shrieked with delight as she saw her schoolmate, Taeyeon, walking towards her. She was with her bestfriend, Jessica, that time, who was still sipping from the cup of coffee they ordered from Yesung’s coffee shop.

“Well, I must say that it is! How have you been lately?” Taeyeon hugged Tiffany, who was still overjoyed upon seeing Taeyeon.

“Annyeong, KID MUSHROOM!”

Tiffany’s attention was gotten by a familiar voice from behind Taeyeon. It was none other than Taeyeon’s twin sister, Yuri.

“Long time, no see, kiddo! How’s life goin’?” Yuri pinched Fany’s cheeks

“Well, I’m doing fine. I just got back from my vacation from the States. By the way, here’s my bestfriend, Jessica. Jessi, meet Taeyeon and Yuri. They’re twins, you know. But Taeyeon’s a shorty while Yuri’s taller.” says Tiffany, while pointing on the twins’ height difference.

“Aisht, stop teasing me, Mushroom!” Taeyeon got Fany’s hand from above her head and put it down.

“It’s nice to meet you two.” Jessica bows and smiles at the twins. Yuri stood frozen, taken aback by her newly-met friend’s beauty. Tiffany, who was also staring at Yuri’s daydreaming, snapped her out of the fantasy she’s dwelling in at that moment.

“Hello Yuri, are you drooling?” Tiffany turned to Yuri, as she noticed a droplet of saliva at the table Yul’s spot is in.

“HUH? Hell no!” Yuri was defensive and her cheeks turned as red as her dress.

Yuri is in love