The Truth About US – Chapter 6

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Uncategorized


Tiffany’s POV

Another school day. I’m very much stressed with workload! Argh! What am I gonna do?! Perhaps, seeing TaeTae would make me feel better.

Jessica’s almost finished tidying up. I had a hard time waking this girl up! Maybe, even if the world would come at its end, Jessi won’t wake up!

It’s my first time to be late. But everything’s okay since our PE teacher, Ms. Kim Hyoyeon, isn’t that strict at all.

“Okay class, let’s welcome our new student, Jessica Jung. She’s a transferree from Korea Kent Foreign School. Why don’t you introduce yourself to your new classmates?”

“Annyeong~ I’m Jessica Jung. Nice to meet all of you and I’m looking forward to be friends with all of you!”

“She looks so cold~ I don’t wanna be friends with her. I hate her.” whispered Sunny, who was at my back, scribbling some notes on her paper.

“Ya, Lee Sunkyu, watch what you’re saying. I’ll pull your tongue out and cut it off, so better shut up okay?” I defended Jessi, since she was new and didn’t know what was being said about her.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!” I heard someone screaming outside our room.


Min Sunye…. This girl’s a mess…. She was Taeyeon’s ex-girlfriend and now she’s pushing her out of one of the windows.

“Is that true? After 1 year, I thought we could get back together?!” Sunye screamed to her as she caught Taeyeon’s collar. All the students inside their classrooms went out to see what the commmotion was all about.

Our principal, Mr. Lee Sooman, went towards Taeyeon and Sunye and told that friggin’ Min to back off my Taeyeon. Mr. Lee asked them what was going on. Then, I never even expected what Sunye shouted: “That’s because Taeyeon already has a new girlfriend.” then she stared at me: “and that Tiffany Hwang is her new girlfriend!”

“Well, Sir, actually that’s…” I was getting nervous about this thing. Old Sooman is mom’s friend and I’m afraid he’s really going to tell that to mom.

“Yes, Sir, that is true.” Taeyeon told Mr. Lee, while looking at me smiling.

Taeyeon’s POV

Lunch time. I’m with Tiffany and she isn’t speaking to me since what had happened between me and Sunye outside their classroom. I dunno. Is she angry?

“My mushroom, why are you so silent now?”

“Nothing, just….”

“Are you angry at me?”

She looked at me: “Why the hell did you do that?”

“What?” I dunno what she’s saying

“Why the hell did you shout that we are?”

“We are? A couple? Aren’t you proud? I don’t find any reason to keep it as a secret.”

“But you know, mom and Sooman are great friends. You don’t know what would happen if that principal’s big mouth tells mom the truth about US.”

“Look, Tiffy, I love you, and if I don’t tell that Sunye that I’m already taken by you, she’ll go after me and would probably kill me.”

Tiffany’s crying. Oh no, what am I gonna do?

“What are we going to do now?” Tiffy’s words broke my heart. I feel sorry about what I did.

“Remember what I told you? I’ll never leave you.”

“I love you, Taeyeon.”


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