The Truth About US – Chapter 1

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yuri’s POV

Taeyeon and I decided to take a stroll downtown. I guess that shorty’s bored inside the house. Mom and Dad took a 1 month vacation to Santorini, and we’re left with Seohyun, our youngest. Seo’s into her piano recital for the past 2 weeks, that she barely spends time with us. I’ve got no other choice but to go with Taengoo. As we sauntered down the alley, we stopped by Yesung sunbae’s coffee shop, for we saw a familiar face, only to find out later on that it was Tiffany! My ex-crush. She never even knew I was infatuated with her before.

Shorty greeted her first. I hid behind Shorty in an almost-sitting position (You know, I can’t hide behind someone smaller than me!) and then exclaimed: “Annyeong KID MUSHROOM!” to her. Fany was doing her usual but one-of-a-kind eyesmile to me and I greeted her instantly: “Long time, no see, kiddo! How’s life goin’?” with a pinch on her cheeks. I missed doing that to her. She has been the AngelFany I used to adore. Not until I saw the goddess sitting on their table, carefully sipping her cup. My heart skipped a bit, and I can feel such intense love-rush on my veins. Why am I feeling this again?

I stared at her, starting from her golden tresses, to her almond-shaped eyes, to her sultry lips and to her smexy body. OMG! I feel like I could faint anytime!

Tiffany broke the sheer happiness I was having. I barely noticed I was drooling over this girl who I just met. After I got caught by my AngelFany, my face got reddish and I turned back to them.

“TaeTae, I’ll just go to Sooyoung’s crib. I’ll take care of myself.,” I said as I hurriedly ran out the coffee shop, and for them not to notice my blushing cheeks.

Sooyoung’s POV

Yay! Another round of burgers for me! It’s a good thing mom didn’t forget to call McDonald’s. The delivery boy was looking skeptically at me, like I was some kind of a monster.

“What are you looking at? Think I’m weird?” the delivery boy’s eyes were wide open and shook his head sideways. “Oh, here’s your tip. You must’ve had a hard time carrying those 10 big overload burgers I ordered.” the delivery boy smiled, and quickly left our front porch. Just as I was about to close the door, I saw Yul running towards me, frantically shouting: “YA! CHOI SOOYOUNG!” and was obviously completely exhausted.

“Oh, Yuri-ya, what a surprise!” I exclaimed as I took a big bite off the first burger.

“Soo, have you seen her?” it’s the nth time I’ve seen this girl drool like that.

“Another girl who stole KkabYul’s heart. Tell me, who is she?”

“Her name’s Jessica Jung. My AngelFany’s bestfriend. She’s a GODDESS! Picture that!”

Now I could see Yuri’s face was going as red as my tomato ketchup, that I’m now devouring, as I finish my 3rd burger.

“Oh, new kid on the block! Bwahaha! Uhm, Yuri, will hand over the tissue.”

She was staring at me intently, like I look like some sick bastard who hasn’t eaten for a year.

“OMG, Soo, you look…” Yuri was looking absurd

“What? Monstrous?”

“Nah, you look… FILTHY!” Yuri shouted the word ‘FILTHY’ with all her might, she was running all over the place, looking at me sarcastically.

“Hey KWON YURI! Come back here at this instant, or I’ll cut your throat out!” I was chasing her and she accidentally slipped the floor and fell down there. I slipped too, head first, and something happened.

I kissed her lips. ACCIDENTALLY.


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