The I-CAN’T RESIST pictures of SNSD – Day 1

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Photo # 1:

TIFFANY! Yeah, another SPAZZ-able picture of her. Sometimes, seeing her face is the best thing that could happen to me in a day. If all bottles in the world would have her picture on it, then my house would become filthy with those drinks LOL.

Photo # 2:

And because of their Intel Advertisement, I had my lappie’s processor be upgraded to an i3. (Hmm, sounds like I’ve been so into them right? LOL) Their legs here looked very well proportioned here! PLUS! I might say that their shoes here are fabulous and are very unique. STYLISH GENERATION. ^^

Photo # 3:

I love this SICA here! Her aegyo is very tolerable but melts my heart once again! Would you believe that this girl is the hardest SNSD member to wake up? WOW! Amazing, huh? And would you imagine this cute and pretty Jessica Jung here is called Sergeant Sica by SNSD and the SONES because she walks with her feet facing outward?! CUTE!

Have to sleep now! Still have classes tomorrow. OH NO, bye dashboardddddd~~


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