Tiffany MELTED my heart with her EYESMILE ^^

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I first knew about Tiffany when I saw their Girls’ Generation MV. I loved her hair there and she was stunning in her eyesmile. I can’t resist her eyesmiling that I once put my player on repeat mode. Watching her execute her sheer cuteness was the best thing I did (I think?) that time. :”>



She’s cuter when she had shorter hair because she looked younger than usual and she’s pretty when she does her aegyo! One time, in SGB (Star Golden Bell), she did almost 3 or 4 eyesmiles I think? Hmm, the way she does it with her shoulders going up, I can’t help but SMILE! I wished I had those brilliant eyes and lips!


Did I spazz that much? Thanks for reading!


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